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We participate with the world's first International MLS so that all of our property listings can be displayed all over the world to give maximum exposure and create the greatest interest. As a Preferred Partner of The International MLS, we have the ability to leverage The IMLS brand, and its delivery, in helping to find buyers for your home. Our goal is to show your home globally to try and get you the highest price upon a sale. The International MLS [IMLS] empowers any agent in the world to take on the FREE unbranded IMLS Search for themselves so that they can share in any commission if a website visitor from THEIR search ends up buying a home anywhere.

The Benefits of Participating with The International MLS [IMLS] are...

  • Global visibility for your property listing on the world's first International MLS [IMLS] and The IMLS search, as well as by The IMLS exporting data feeds with your listing to International real estate sites.
  • More and more people from around the world are buying property outside of their own country or region and The IMLS can attract those buyers.
  • The IMLS Search is found on many websites throughout the world. From Florida to Spain, from France to Los Angeles, The IMLS search has already been delivered to agents and brokers throughout the world as they share in commissions from their clients.
  • For greatest exposure of your property, having your property listed on The IMLS along with the traditional local MLS in your area will increase your property's exposure throughout the world.
  • Expert representation on the local level from our experienced real estate agents.
  • For the first time, your listings can be on websites from agents and brokers from other parts of the USA and around the world... providing maximum visibility of your homes!

Expand the potential reach of your property listing and the amount of potential buyers by seeing that your property is listed with us.